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Notary Public

Eligibility Requirements

To become a notary public in Texas, you must:
  • Be a Texas Resident;
  • Be at least 18 years of age, and
  • Maintain no convictions for a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude (theft, various misdemeanors)
The Office runs background checks on all notary applicants. If the Office discovers a notary public is not eligible at any time, the Office must reject a notary application or revoke the notary commission.

Before You Apply

After You Apply

Application/Renewal Requirements

Traditional Notaries
Online Notaries
1. Properly read, complete, and sign
Form 2301 - Application for Appointment as
Texas Notary Public (PDF)

    State Employees: Form 2301-NB (PDF)
    Escrow Officers in Adjacent States: Form 2301-E (PDF)

2. Provide a $10,000 bond, if required

3. Pay the $21 filing fee, if applicable. Payment Form (PDF)

4. Meet the eligibility requirements

5. Submit your application via mail to:
Notary Public Unit
P.O. Box 13375
Austin, Texas 78711
1. Become a Traditional Texas Notary Public

2. Obtain a Verifiable X.509 Compliant Digital Certificate that includes your digital signature from a third party vendor

3. Obtain an electronic notary seal from a third party vendor

4. Properly complete the Online Notary Application.
(You will be required to sign a Statement of Officer form with a compliant digital signature and upload a copy of your compliant electronic notary seal)

5. Pay a $50.00 application + 2.7% ($1.35) online application fee

6. Validate your email address for correspondence

Education for Notaries Public

Services for Notaries Public

¿Notario Público? Not in Texas! (En Español)

  • A notary public is not a notario or notario público.
  • A notary public is not authorized to practice law.
  • A notary public may not give legal advice or prepare legal documents.
  • A notary public may not charge a fee for preparation of immigration documents or represent someone in immigration matters.
  • Please report any notaries public disobeying these rules to the Office of the Secretary of State.