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Online Searching and Filing

Filing Options

The Corporations Section is aware that many transactions in the business and financial world are time sensitive. To better serve the public, this office provides forms for downloading, filings by fax, expedited and preclearance services, online certificate verification, and a range of payment methods.

Payment Methods

All checks should be made payable to the Secretary of State. Cash should not be sent in the mail. Checks are returned, cash refunded, credit cards and LegalEase® are not charged when used to pay a filing fee for documents that cannot be filed.

Payment Form for transmitting credit card, LegalEase, or client account payment information. (Word, PDF)

Fax Filing

When documents may be filed with reproduced signatures, the Secretary of State accepts faxed documents for filing. Fax filings for business organization filings should clearly specify whether expedited service is requested.

Fax number for transmitting business organization filings: (512) 463-5709

Expedited Service

Expedited service means that the documents are processed before other documents received the same day and the filing party is notified in writing, by email or by telephone of the filing disposition. Our goal is to provide notification of filing disposition by the close of business the first business day following the day of receipt.

The Corporations Section offers expedited service for

Expedited processing may be requested for documents and orders received by mail, fax, or by personal delivery. Please include a cover letter containing a daytime phone number with a mailed or faxed instrument/order. The cover must specifically request expedited processing.

The Corporations Section expedites the processing of business organization documents for a fee of $25 per document and expedites the processing of certified copies and certificates for a fee of $10 per certified copy or certificate.

Preclearance Services

The Corporations Section will pre-clear a filing instrument upon written request. The fee is $50 per instrument. An instrument submitted for preclearance will not be filed, reviewed for compliance with minimal statutory filing requirements. The instrument will be returned with a written statement that the draft instrument is suitable for filing or with the reasons why the instrument would be rejected if submitted for filing as drafted.

Alternate Return Methods

Evidence of filing is typically returned by regular mail. If you require an alternate return method, such as return of your documents by a shipping company like Federal Express, the Corporations Section will attempt to accommodate your request so long as you include detailed instructions and any and all completed envelopes or other documents that would be necessary to satisfy your request.

In other words, we cannot return your documents by Federal Express unless you include a completed and paid Federal Express return envelope with your submission.

The following shipping companies regularly pick up from the Secretary of State: Federal Express, Lone Star, and UPS.