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SOS Modernization Program

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Have you heard that we are modernizing our technology here at the Texas Secretary of State’s office?

The goal of our Legacy Modernization effort is to enhance customer responsiveness, maintain process integrity, and become the most efficient and effective state agency across all services.

We aim to:

  • Provide customers with a secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly system
  • Promote online submissions of public filings and records and reduce paper submissions
  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase staff efficiency

We will follow a phased approach for launching new capabilities and enhancements to our online system. Please visit this page periodically to learn about the latest enhancements and site releases.

Modernization Timeline

Modernization Timeline. Trademarks, UCC, Notary, Texas Register, Service of Process, Apostilles and Registrations are areas of interest that are impacted by the timeline.

Recent Changes to our Processes

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+ Credit Cards No Longer Accepted on Paper or Fax Filings, effective June 15, 2023

SOS will no longer accept credit card payments in association with paper filings (mailed or hand-delivered) or filings received via facsimile. We will continue to accept credit card payments for filings submitted through SOSDirect, SOSUpload and our new applications as they are deployed as part of our modernization. If a paper or fax filing is submitted after June 14, 2023, and credit card information is included, the filing will be automatically rejected. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Credit Cards FAQs

Why is this happening?

Agency policy requires this change.

How can I use a credit card to pay my filing fees?

* Business Filings only - If your document can be filed using SOS Direct or SOSUpload, you can still use your credit card to pay, if you file your document using either application; OR

*Create and fund a client account using your credit card. Client accounts can still be used to pay for documents submitted by mail, fax or hand delivery. You can check the box at the bottom of the payment form, and write the client account name and client account number on the form. See instructions on how to create and fund a client account below.

Can I send a check with the payment form instead of writing my credit card information on the payment form?

Yes, you can send a check with your document. You can check the box at the bottom of the payment form and write the check number on the form. Please make your check payable to Secretary of State.

I submitted a document last month with credit card information, will it get rejected?

No, this change only applies to documents received in our Office after June 14, 2023.

I mailed my payment form with written credit card information to your office before June 14, 2023, what will happen to my document?

If your document is received AFTER June 14, 2023 and there is written Credit Card information on the payment form, it will be rejected and returned to your attention. If your document is received prior to June 15, 2023, the Office will process your document.

If my document is rejected because of this policy, will I still get a filing date that is the same as the date my document was originally received by your Office?

No, your filing date will be the date that the document is received by the Office and conforms to statutory requirements, which include providing an acceptable form of payment.

+ How to create your SOS Client Account

  1. Click on the following link: Create your SOS Client Account
  2. Enter your information, screen by screen, until you receive a message that you have successfully submitted a request for a SOSDirect account.
  3. If your email has a strict spam filter, please add the following email addresses to your contact or safe senders list: sosdirect@sos.texas.gov & response@sos.texas.gov
  4. The email with your SOSDirect USER ID will be sent to you within an hour.

+ How to fund your SOS Client Account

  1. Click on the following link:Fund your SOS Client Account
  2. Enter your SOSDirect USER ID (see step #4 under the + How to create your SOS Client Account link) and PASSWORD information and click submit.
  3. Go to the PAYMENT INFORMATION section and select the Client Account option from the PAYMENT METHOD drop down box.
  4. Click on the Continue button above the PAYMENT INFORMATION section.
  5. Next, the webpage will show you as logged into SOSDirect. Your session code will appear in bold text.
  6. Click on Account from the navigation bar located at the top of this page.
  7. Click on Submit Payment to Client Account.
  8. Next, the webpage will show your Current Balance within the ENTER PAYMENT AMOUNT section. You will need to add sufficient funds to pay for your service request.
  9. Type the amount of funds you require into the Enter Payment Amount field.
  10. The webpage will autofill the billing information from your SOSDirect account. If this information does not match the credit card billing information, you will need to change it.
  11. Once you have completed the form click Submit Payment.
  12. You will receive a confirmation page that shows your payment and the amount that has been received. The funds will be available for use in one hour.
  13. The payment will not process until you log out of your account. You can verify your payment in one hour, if you log into your account again by following Steps 1 to 8 above.

Recent System Changes

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+ Introducing Our New Data Broker Registration Application

We just launched our new system that allows data brokers to register as required by Chapter 509 of the Business and Commerce Code. Visit our Data Broker page for more details.

+ Introducing Our New Trademarks Application

We’ve made it easier and faster for you to apply for protection of your intellectual property. We are happy to announce the release of our new Trademarks system! This system will allow you to submit new applications for Trademarks online rather than paper and will expedite the processing of your application.

+ Our New Chat-bot

Chatbot icon

To better serve our customers, SOS has released a new Chatbot feature, which can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and throughout the SOS website. Our Chatbot can assist you with many questions, from “how can I form an LLC?” to “how can I register to vote?” Give it a try!