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Sabre Corporation – Southlake, TX

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"Sabre has a proud history of advocating against human trafficking through our signature Passport to Freedom initiative and our partnership with similarly situated companies in the travel and technology ecosystem. We are also honored to support and be a part of the Secretary of State's Texas Businesses Against Trafficking (TBAT) program. It is a necessary and important program that brings awareness to combating the horrific and criminal business of modern slavery in our home state of Texas.

The statistics are staggering. Modern slavery happens in every region of the world and across the United States. Today, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), over 40 million people are living in slavery worldwide. The ILO further reports that 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children and 4.8 million victims are sexually exploited. It is estimated that modern slavery is a $150 billion criminal business – a figure fueled by the cruel fact that, unlike drugs, a human being can be sold multiple times.

TBAT provides businesses the opportunity to connect, share strategies and raise the awareness of human trafficking. The more organizations that join TBAT and educate their suppliers and employees on how to spot the warning signs of the scurrilous behavior of traffickers, the more women, men and children can be saved from modern slavery. Awareness, recognition and interest are critical to curtailing this abusive and immoral behavior.

Again, we applaud the Texas Legislature for creating this program and the Secretary of State for its launch. Sabre believes it is critical that we all work together in Texas and across the globe to educate, advocate and collaborate to end modern-day slavery."