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Institutions of Higher Education

Institutions of Higher Education (“schools”), as defined by the Section 61.003 Education Code, have responsibilities under the Athlete Agent Act and the Texas Administrative Code.

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+ Adopt and File Implementation Standards for Athlete Agent Interview Program

The athlete agent interview program allows a registered athlete agent to interview an athlete on the school’s campus and must be conducted during the off-season period before the completion of the athlete’s final year of eligibility.

Schools are required to adopt standards for implementing the requirements of the Athlete Agent Act, including specific guidelines for the athlete agent interview program. These guidelines must specify:

  • The dates of the interview period;
  • The location of the interviews; and
  • The manner in which an athlete agent can contact an athlete during the interview period.

Each school is required to submit its standards to the school’s athletic council or comparable body for approval and file a copy of the approved standard with the secretary of state no more than 30 days after they have been approved. Approved amendments must also be filed with the secretary of state within 30 days of their approval.

+ Designate Compliance Coordinator

Schools must designate an individual to serve as a compliance coordinator for that school and report the name of the compliance coordinator to the secretary of state in a manner prescribed by the secretary. See Form 2508.

Annually in September, the secretary of state will mail a letter requesting updated compliance coordinator information. If a school has changed its compliance coordinator and would like to notify our office, please contact the Registrations Unit.

+ Compliance Coordinator Responsibilities

The Compliance Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the school and athletes attending the school are complying with the Athlete Agent Act and Chapter 78 of the Texas Administrative Rules. Additionally, the compliance coordinator is required to oversee the following:

  • Scheduling athlete agent interview period.
  • Notifying registered agents at least 30 days prior to interview period.
  • Providing a copy of the school’s implementation standards to a registered athlete agent upon written request.