Digital Certificates

What is a digital certificate?

In the context of an online notarization, a digital certificate, also known as a digital signature, is the means by which you will sign a document. The digital certificate will include your electronic signature, which ideally is a holographic signature that resembles your wet ink signature. The digital certificate then attaches to the document in a manner in which the document becomes tamper evident (i.e. any subsequent changes to the document becomes apparent).

What are the requirements for a digital certificate?

You must use a third party who can provide you with a digital certificate that meets all of the following requirements:

By utilizing this technology, your digital certificate, when affixed to the document you have notarized, will make the document tamper evident.

How do I know if the third party provider I choose to issue my digital certificate will meet the requirements?

Your provider should be able to offer you assurances that their technology complies with the requirements for a Texas online notary public. Your provider should also be able to provide, upon request from the secretary of state, any necessary instructions or techniques that allow the online notary public’s digital certificate and seal to be read and authenticated.

The secretary of state cannot recommend any third party providers to you.