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Open Meeting Query Help

This system allows the user to query by the agency name, date of meeting, and Texas Register docket number (TRD ID). You may query using any single field or any combination of the fields.

  1. Agency Name: To query using part of the name you must use a % symbol before and/or after the word.

    Example: If you wanted to see a listing of all of the meetings that have the word State in their agency name you would enter this: %State%. The system would return with all of the agencies who have submitted open meeting who have the word State somewhere in the name of the agency.

    If you wanted to see a listing of all of the agencies who have the word State as the last word in their agency name you would enter this: %State

  2. Date of Meetings: To query on dates of meetings you will need to enter a 2-digit month, a 2-digit date and a 4-digit year.

    Example: 03/05/2007
    You can query on a range of dates. If you do not enter a end date, the system will return with a listing of all of the meetings from the first date entered and any meetings that will be held from that date on.

  3. TRD ID (Texas Register Docket Number): This is the unique number assigned by the Texas Register to each meeting filed with our office. This number begins with the year the meeting was filed, followed by a series of numbers indicating the specific open meeting filing.

    Example: 2007003468

After you have finished entering your query criteria, click on the FIND button. If you want to see a complete listing of all of the active meetings that have been posted, click on the FIND button without entering query criteria in any of the fields.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Texas Register at (512) 463-5561 or register@sos.state.tx.us.