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Report to the 87th Legislature Under Section 16.0332(e), Texas Election Code Relating to Voter Registration Cancellations Due to Non-U.S. Citizenship

Section 16.0332 of the Texas Election Code sets forth procedures for the cancellation of voters who are excused or disqualified from jury service because of citizenship status or who indicate a lack of citizenship status in connection with a motor vehicle or Department of Public Safety record. Subsection (e), added by Senate Bill 1 (87th Leg., 2nd C.S., 2021), requires the Secretary of State (SOS) to provide a report to the Legislature, not later than December 31 of each year, of the number of voter registrations canceled under Section 16.0332 during the calendar year.

Pursuant to Section 16.0332(e), the SOS submits the following information regarding the number of voting records canceled statewide in 2021 due to confirmation of non-citizenship by the county or due to a voter’s failure to respond to a notice from the county voter registrar requesting documentation of proof of citizenship:

Number of Cancellations for Non-U.S. Citizenship

Number of Cancellations for Failure to Respond to Notice of Examination Based on Non-U.S. Citizenship*

Total Number of Cancellations




The above figures were retrieved from the statewide voter registration database as of December 29, 2021.

* Prior to September 2021, the Secretary of State’s system did not capture whether a voter was canceled for failure to respond to a notice of examination based specifically on non-U.S. citizenship or any other ground.