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High School Deputy Voter Registrars

By virtue of being a high school principal in Texas, you are required to serve as a deputy voter registrar for the county in which your school is located. This requirement has been enshrined in Texas law since the 1980s, ensuring that eligible high school students have the opportunity to register to vote using resources made available by their high school principals.

The Texas Election Code (TEC) Sections 31.003 and 13.046, the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 81, and the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) outline requirements for public and private high school principals to act as deputy voter registrars to provide voter registration opportunities to eligible high school students and campus employees.

The campus principal may designate an administrative staff member or teacher, in writing, to serve as the high school deputy registrar.

Responsibilities of a High School Deputy Registrar:

Where to Get Applications:

Who Can Register:

Delivery of Completed Applications:

As the chief election official for the State of Texas, the Secretary of State is responsible for the coordination of voter registration activities, including the registration of eligible high school students and employees. As such, the Secretary of State’s office works collaboratively with all designated high school deputy voter registrars and campus administrators by providing information related to voter registration responsibilities, requirements, and materials to assist with the provision of voter registration opportunities.

For information related to upcoming elections and voter registration related deadlines, please visit the Elections Division information on this website or at VoteTexas.gov. For additional information related to the high school deputy voter registrar program or other voter registration requirements in Texas, please contact our office at (800)252-8683 or at Elections.

Information & Resource Materials:

High School Voter Registration Application Order Form
Notice to High School Students or Employees Registering to Vote (PDF)
Texas Election Code (TEC) Relating to High School Deputy Voter Registrars (PDF)
Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Relating to High School Deputy Voter Registrars
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)