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Elections Acronyms & Abbreviations

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AABBM – Annual Application for a Ballot By Mail (on the grounds of age or disability)

ABBM - Application for a Ballot By Mail

ACMM – Administrative Certification of a Minor Modification

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

AG – Attorney General (of Texas); see also OAG

AJ – Alternate Judge

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

ATI – Audio Tactile Interface

AVSR – Annual Voting Systems Report

BCC – Ballot Canvass & Certification

BOD – Ballot On Demand (in ES&S voting system)

BOSS – Ballot Origination Software System (Hart eSlate system component)

CC – County Clerk

CCS – Central Counting Station

CEB – County Election Board

CEC - County Election Commission

CEO – County Election Official

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations

CHL – Concealed Handgun License (issued by DPS)

CoCh – County Chair

CS – City Secretary

CSO – City/School/Other (Political Subdivision)

CITY - When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for the city in which a voter is registered

COMM – When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for Commissioner’s Precinct

CWPPP – County Wide Polling Place Program

DAU – Disabled Access Unit (in a DRE voting system)

DEM – Democrat/Democratic Party

DOB – Date of Birth

DOJ – Department of Justice (federal agency) See also USDOJ

DPS – Department of Public Safety (state agency)

DRE – Direct Recording Electronic (voting machine)

(E) – When used on a VR Certificate, denotes that the individual named on the certificate has a permanent exemption, based on disability, from showing a photo ID when voting.

ED/EDay – Election Day

EDR – Effective Date of Registration

EA – Elections Administrator

EAC – Elections Assistance Commission (federal agency that serves as a national clearinghouse and resource for the compilation of information and review of procedures with respect to the administration of Federal elections.)

EIC – Election Identification Certificate (Issued by DPS)

EJ – Election Judge (see also PJ)

EMS – Election Management System

ENR – Election Night Returns

ES&S – Election Systems and Software (a voting system vendor)

Ethics – Texas Ethics Commission

EV - Early Voting

EVBB – Early Voting Ballot Board

EVBM – Early Voting  By Mail

EV Clerk/EVC  – Early Voting Clerk

EVIP – Early Voting in Person (i.e., by personal appearance)

EVPPL – Early Voting Polling Place

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FEC – Federal Election Commission

FPCA – Federal Post Card Application

FVAP – Federal Voting Assistance Program, a federal agency; go to FVAP.org

FVSS – Federal Voting Systems Standards

FWAB – Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot

GEMS – Global Election Management System (vendor Dominion’s voting system)
GRN – Green (Party)
HAVA – Help America Vote Act (of 2002)

HB – House Bill

HJR – House Joint Resolution

IACREOT – International Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers

ID - Identification

IEEE – International Foundation of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IFES – International Foundation of Electoral Systems

IIMC – International Institute of Municipal Clerks

IND - Independent (Candidate)

ISD – Independent School District

ITA – Independent Testing Authority

iVO – ES&S DRE iVotronic Voting Machine

L&A – Logic and Accuracy (test)

LIB – Libertarian (Party)

LOE – Local Option (Liquor) Election

M-100 – ES&S Optical Scan Voting Machine

MBB – Mobile Ballot Box

MOVE  – Military and Overseas Empowerment Act

NACO – National Association of Counties

NACRC – National Association of County Recorders, Election Administrators and Clerks

NASED – National Association of State Election Directors

NASS – National Association of Secretaries of State

NCOA – National Change of Address (USPS)

NGA – National Governors Association

NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology

NVRA – National Voter Registration Act (of 1993) (“Motor Voter”)

OAG – Office of the (Texas) Attorney General; see also AG
OLRV – Official List of Registered Voters
PAC – Political Action Committee

Pct - precinct

PBC – Precinct Ballot Counter

PCEA – President’s Commission on Elections Administration

PEB – Personal Electronic Ballot (for use in an ES&S iVotronic voting machine)

PJ – Presiding (election) Judge

PLBB – Provisional (and) Late Ballot Board

PMC – Partial Manual Count

PxP – Precinct by Precinct (report)

PPL – Polling Place

Prop – Proposition (on a ballot)

PW – Poll Watcher

REP - Republican (Party)

ROL – Registration Omissions List

RTAL – Real Time Audit Log

SB – Senate Bill

SBOE – State Board of Education

SCHOOL - When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for the school district in which a voter is registered; also sometimes abbreviated as ISD

SJR – Senate Joint Resolution

S-List – Suspense List

SMD – Single Member District

SOR – Statement of Residence

SOS – Secretary of State

STREP - When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for the state representative district in which a voter is registered

STSEN - When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for the state senatorial district in which a voter is registered

SVC – Signature Verification Committee

SWAB – State Write-in Absentee Ballot

TAC – Texas Administrative Code

TAC – Texas Association of Counties

TASB – Texas Association of School Boards

TDL – Texas Driver’s License

TEAM – Texas Election Administration Management  (Voter Registration System)

TEC – Texas Election Code

TLGC – Texas Local Government Code

TLO – Texas Legislature Online

TML – Texas Municipal League

TRE – Tax Rollback Election

UOCAVA – Uniformed and Overseas Civilian Absentee Voting Act

USDOJ – United States Department of Justice (federal agency) See also DOJ

USPS – United States Postal Service

USREP - When used on a VR Certificate, abbreviation for the United States house of representatives district in which a voter is registered

VAEHA – Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

VVPR – Voter Verified Paper Receipt

VDR – Volunteer Deputy Registrar

VDVR – Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar

VR – Voter Registrar/Voter Registration

VR App – Voter Registration Application

VR Cert – Voter Registration Certificate

VRA – Voting Rights Act of 1965

VRN – Voter Registration Number

VSS – Voting Systems Standards

VSTL – Voting Systems Test Laboratories

VUID – Voter Unique Identification Number

VVPAT – Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (not used in Texas)

VVPB – Voter Verified Paper Ballot (not used in Texas)

VVSG – Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (produced by the EAC)

W-I – Write-in (Candidate)

Updated on January 16, 2014