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Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Funding – Program Income Instructions

HAVA program income amounts are due to be reported to our office annually based on the federal fiscal year.  Program income is defined as gross income received from a grant-supported activity during the grant period and includes items such as fees from the use or rental of real or personal property acquired with grant funds.  In the case of the HAVA program, the grant-supported activity is the acquisition of voting systems.

Counties that received only Voting System Accessibility and General HAVA Compliance grants will have one reporting period while counties that also received punch card or lever replacement (Voting System Replacement) grant will have another reporting period, which are outlined below:

HAVA Title II, Section 251 (Voting System Accessibility and General HAVA Compliance Grants - All 254 Counties)

HAVA Title I, Section 102 (Voting System Replacement - 17 Punchcard and Lever Counties)

Although the Voting System Accessibility and General HAVA Compliance grants are accounted for separately in the grant system, the program income can be combined as one value for each reporting period. If the county received Voting System Replacement funds, the grants must be accounted for separately when calculating program income.

The county’s FO, which is the county auditor or treasurer depending on the county, has the user level access to submit the program income data via the HAVA online grant system.  This is the same grant system that was used to drawdown the HAVA funds; however, the FO will likely need to work with the county clerk or election administrator to gather the necessary information.

After logging into the grant system using the same user ID and password you used to drawdown the HAVA funds, look for the “Program Income” section on the left side of the screen and click on “Report Program Income.”  Once in the form, enter the applicable data in each field and click “Submit.”  Once you click submit, the fields cannot be changed – only the Secretary of State’s Office can make changes after submission.

The SOS Will Need All of the Data Submitted by the County no Later than November 30, 2013.

If you need assistance and/or have questions, please email the Elections Funds Management team or call 800-252-2216 (press 3 for Election Funds Management).