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Offices up for Election in 2024

Note: This is a preliminary list that is subject to change as we are notified about vacancies and newly-created offices. Also, visit our website for an unofficial list of candidates once filing is underway.

Office Term
President of the United States
4 yr. term
United States Senator
  • Ted Cruz
6 yr. term
All 38 United States Representatives
2 yr. term
Railroad Commissioners
  • Christi Craddick
6 yr. term
3 members of the Supreme Court
  • Jimmy Blacklock, Place 2
  • John Phillip Devine, Place 4
  • Jane Bland, Place 6
6 yr. term
3 members of the Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge, Place 1
  • Barbara Hervey, Place 7
  • Michelle Slaughter, Place 8
6 yr. term
7 Members, State Board of Education
  • Melissa Ortega, District 1
  • Marisa B. Perez-Diaz, District 3
  • Staci Childs, District 4
  • Tom Maynard, District 10
  • Patricia “Pat” Hardy, District 11
  • Pam Little, District 12
  • Aaron Kinsey, District 15
4 yr. term
15 State Senators
  • Carol Alvarado, District 6
  • Paul Bettencourt, District 7
  • Angela Paxton, District 8
  • Phil King, District 10
  • Tan Parker, District 12
  • Sarah Eckhardt, District 14
  • John Whitmire, District 15
  • Nathan Johnson, District 16
  • Joan Huffman, District 17
  • Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, District 20
  • Royce West, District 23
  • Donna Campbell, District 25
  • Morgan LaMantia, District 27
  • Cesar Blanco, District 29
  • Drew Springer, District 30
4 yr. term
All 150 State Representatives
2 yr. term
Chief Justice of Courts of Appealsb
  • Bonnie Sudderth, 2nd Court of Appeals
  • Robert D. Burns III, 5th Court of Appeals
  • Tom Gray, 10th Court of Appeals
  • John Bailey, 11th Court of Appeals
  • Dori Contreras, 13th Court of Appeals
6 yr. term
Various Court of Appeals Justicesb
6 yr. term
Various District Judges, Criminal District Judges
4 yr. term
Family District Judges
4 yr. term
District Attorneys
4 yr. term
4 yr. term
County Courts at Law
4 yr. term
County Attorneys
4 yr. term
Tax Assessor-Collectors
4 yr. term
County Commissioners
4 yr. term
Justices of the Peace (Place 1 designation only)a
4 yr. term
4 yr. term
  1. Generally, the office of Justice of the Peace in Place 1 for a county is up for election in 2024. However, we recommend that you contact your county election official to confirm the place number.
  2. SB 1045 (2023, R.S.) created the Fifteenth Court of Appeals. Although SB 1045 has an effective date of September 1, 2023, because the bill specifically states that the court of appeals will not be created until September 1, 2024, the initial vacancies for chief justice and justice places 2 and 3 will be filled by appointment, and the offices will not appear on the ballot until the next general election cycle in 2026.

NOTE: Incumbent office holders appear where listed. This is not a list of current candidates or those who have filed a candidate application for the office.

NOTE: For many years, article XVI, Section 65 of the Texas Constitution set out which county offices would be up for election. This language (setting up the staggering scheme) was omitted in 1999 in "clean-up" legislation. Our office requested an attorney general opinion, expressing our concern about the omitted staggering scheme. The attorney general opined that because the staggering scheme was removed, any newly-created offices would be on the next ballot for the full four-year term. See Texas Attorney General Opinion Number JC-0519 (2002). You will need to check your county records to see if your county created new offices since the 1999 constitutional change.

NOTE: Under Article V, Section 1-a of the Texas Constitution, certain judicial offices are subject to a mandatory retirement age of 75. This may lead some additional judicial offices being listed on the ballot for an unexpired term due to a mid-term vacancy.