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Index of Report Forms Filed by Professional Associations, Partnerships, and Nonprofit Corporations

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Reports; Reinstatements; Payment Form

FAQ's for Nonprofit Corporation Periodic Reports

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Form Number
Annual Report of a Limited Liability Partnership: Form to be used to file the annual report required by law of a Texas partnership registered as a limited liability partnership. Rev. 03-16 (# of pages 3) (Word, PDF)
Application for Reinstatement and Request to Set Aside Tax Forfeiture - Form to be used by an entity when applying to reinstate its existence or registration after its forfeiture under the Tax Code. (Limited to tax forfeiture reinstatements.) Rev. 05-11 (# of pages - 3) (Word, PDF)
Periodic Report of a Nonprofit Corporation - Form to be used by a nonprofit corporation to make the report required by law. Rev. 08-12 (# of pages - 5) (Word, PDF)
Annual Statement of a Professional Association - Form to be used by a professional association to make the report required by law. Rev. 11-12 (# of pages - 5) (Word, PDF)
Periodic Report of a Limited Partnership - Form to be used by a limited partnership to make the report required by law. Rev. 11-12 (# of pages - 5) (Word, PDF)
Reinstatement - Form to be used by an entity in applying for reinstatement of its certificate of formation or its registration after the entity has been terminated or revoked for non-tax reasons. Rev. 05-11 (# of pages - 5) (Word, PDF)
Certificate of Reinstatement of a Professional Association After Failure to File Annual Statement – Form for reinstating a professional association that was terminated or revoked for failing to timely file an annual statement. Rev. 06-11 (# of pages - 4) (Word, PDF)
Reports Unit Payment Form - Form for use in transmitting credit card, LegalEase, or client account payment information when filing documents by facsimile. Rev. 06-16 (# of pages - 1) (Word, PDF)
Application for Reinstatement of Limited Liability Partnership Status - Form to be used by a Texas partnership when applying to reinstate its registration as a limited liability partnership following the termination of the registration for failure to file an annual report.  Rev. 06-17 (# of pages - 3) (Word, PDF)