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Texas Government Code, Section 659, as amended by HB 12 (83rd Legislature, Regular Session)

Office of the Secretary of State (Agency #307)

Texas Government Code, Section 659.0201 – Gifts, Grants, and Donations for Salary Supplement; Reporting

Reporting under Texas Government Code, Section 659.0201 is not applicable as the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) does not accept gifts, grants, donations or other considerations from a person that the person designates to be used as a salary supplement for an employee of the SOS.

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(1) – Full-time Equivalent Employees

Full-time equivalent employee reports are submitted quarterly to the Texas State Auditor’s Office. Quarterly Office of the Secretary of State (Agency #307) data may be queried directly from the Texas State Auditor’s Office Full-Time Equivalent Employee System.

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(2) – Legislative Appropriations to the Agency

Office of the Secretary of State (Agency #307)

  For the Years Ending
August 31, 2020 August 31, 2021
Method of Financing:
General Revenue Fund
GR Dedicated – Election Improvement Fund No. 5095
Federal Funds
Appropriated Receipts
Total, Method of Financing

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(3) – Executive Staff Compensation

The SOS follows the State Classification Plan in determining the state classification title and compensation for all its classified employees, which includes its executive staff. The state’s Position Classification Plan (Plan) is administered by the State Auditor’s Office’s State Classification Team who is responsible for maintenance of the Plan; advising and assisting state agencies to ensure equitable and uniform application of the Plan; conducting position classification audits to ensure conformity with the Plan; and making recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature regarding the operation and improvement of the Plan. The Plan establishes job classification titles, salary groups and salary schedules for classified positions. Prior to each legislative session, The State Classification Team analyzes state employment compensation and produces two reports relevant to SOS compensations, “A Biennial Report on the State’s Position Classification Plan” and “A Classification Study of Exempt Positions.”  Specific methodologies used are outlined in those reports.

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(4) – Executive Staff Supplement Eligibility

SOS executive staff are not eligible for a salary supplement as described in Texas Government Code, Section 659.0201.

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(5) – Market Average Compensation for Similar Executive Staff

Reference the State Classification Team’s, “A Biennial Report on the State’s Position Classification Plan” and “A Classification Study of Exempt Positions.”

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(6) – Average Compensation Paid to Non Executive Staff

Average Non Executive Monthly Base Pay for August 2019 - $4,457

*excludes Secretary and Deputy Secretary base pay for August 2015
*Source – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System

Texas Government Code, Section 659.026(3)(b)(7) – Percentage Increase in Compensation of Executive Staff and the Percentage Increase in Legislative Appropriations


FY 2014

% Increase

FY 2015

% Increase

FY 2016

% Increase

FY 2017

% Increase

FY 2018

% Increase

FY 2019













Deputy  Secretary