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Secretary Hughs Convenes Meeting Of Presidential Electors Following November 3rd General Election

December 14, 2020
Contact: Stephen Chang

Secretary Hughs address the electors from behind a podium.
(Secretary Hughs convenes the meeting of the
presidential Electors.Office of the Texas Secretary
of State, 12/14/2020)

The elector is handing his ballot to an individual for collection.
(A presidential Elector casts his ballot for president.
Office of the Texas Secretary of State, 12/14/2020)

Secretary Hughs is sitting with two other individuals while the counting of the ballots is taking place.
(The Chair and Secretary of the meeting of the
Electors count ballots cast for president. Office of
the Texas Secretary of State, 12/14/2020)

AUSTIN - Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs today convened the meeting of presidential Electors at the State Capitol following the November 3rd general election. Per the Texas Election Code, Sec. 192.006, Electors are to convene at 2PM on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December to perform their duties as prescribed by federal law, which include casting votes for the president and vice president of the United States in years in which the office is on the ballot.

"For 175 years, Electors from our state have cast their votes on behalf of the electorate," said Secretary Hughs. "I am honored to call today’s meeting of Texas’ Electors to order as we continue in this tradition and fulfill the duties with which the people of the Lone Star State have entrusted us."

The number of electoral votes apportioned to states is directly proportional to the number of seats the state holds in Congress—Texas has 38 electoral votes.

The Electors cast their 38 votes for the incumbent Republican president and vice president of the United States, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who won Texas with 52.06% of the vote.

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