Secretary Hughs Delivers Remarks At Naturalization Ceremonies

December 20, 2019
Contact: Stephen Chang

Secretary Hughs sitting at a table with other officials.
(Secretary Hughs delivers remarks at a naturalization
ceremony for new American citizens in Corpus Christi.
Office of the Texas Secretary of State, 12/11/2019)

A group of people are sitting a table facing each other. Materials can be seen on the table.
(Applicants for American citizenship raise their hands
as they take the naturalization oath of allegiance.
Office of the Texas Secretary of State, 12/11/2019)

Group photo of all the participants.
(The Secretary poses for a photo with a new American
citizen. Office of the Texas Secretary of State,

CORPUS CHRISTI - Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs yesterday attended and delivered remarks at naturalization ceremonies for new American citizens at the U.S. Courthouse, Southern District of Texas, in Corpus Christi. The Secretary spoke of the crucial role that immigrants play in helping to enrich the fabric of Texas and the United States.

"The start of your new journey as Americans holds the promise and story of our nation's future in your hands," said Secretary Hughs. "Your hard work, perseverance, the languages you speak, the cultures you bring with you, and your many talents help to make our state and our nation a better place. We are proud of your accomplishment and to be able to call you all our fellow Americans."