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Elections and Voter Information

Voter Information

Primary Finance Payable/Non-Payable Expenses

Payable Non-Payable

County Chair or designee's travel expenses (hotel and mileage) incurred for the SOS County Chair seminar training.

Administrative personnel and administrative personnel payroll taxes required and necessary for the conduct of a primary election.

Bank fees (i.e. checks, monthly service fees) with the exception of non-sufficient funds charges.

Rental of office space, equipment, postage, and purchase of office supplies as needed and required to conduct the business for the primary.

Public testing announcements as related to the primary elections.

County Chair compensation is only 5% of the non-contracted services items (Tex Elec. Cod Ann 173.004).

Ballots and early voting ballot board costs.

Cost of transporting, programming, preparing, testing, and use of county owned equipment - T.A.C. §81.130

Expenses incurred in connection with a convention of a political party.

Stationery, postage, and/or office supplies not related to the conduct of the primary election.

Any food, drink, or refreshment supply items.

Costs associated with voter-registration drives or get-out-the-vote campaigns.

Early voting costs, election notices and county election officer duties statutorily required to perform, along with salaries of county personnel during regular business hours.

A public building used as a polling place/ central counting station if the building is normally open for business during the time of use.

Training for election workers, training materials costs available through the SOS, and mileage.

Voting by mail kits and postage related to mail ballots.

Purchases of MBB's/PEB's or other voting system items transferable to other elections. Voting booths/ ballot boxes owned by the county.

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