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Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Program Income and the Upcoming Federal EAC Audit

To: Texas County Judges, Election Officials, and Financial Officers
From: Dan Glotzer, Election Funds Manager
Date: November 5, 2010
Re: Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Program Income and the Upcoming Federal EAC Audit

As most of you know, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) established new election-related requirements and authorized funding to the states to assist with compliance.  HAVA also created an independent federal agency known as the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to advise election authorities as well as distribute HAVA payments to the states.  In addition, the EAC also has audit authority over the HAVA funding.  The purpose of this memo is to remind counties of the following:

  1. The states and its sub-grantees are required to report program income to the EAC annually.
  2. Beginning in December, the EAC will be conducting an audit of Texas’ HAVA expenditures.  The audit will likely include visits to various counties, which have yet to be identified.

Attached is a link to our website that describes program income, including how to calculate and report program income to our office (the highlights are outlined below) Program Income Instructions.

Attached is a separate link containing a “to-do” list in preparation for the EAC audit: EAC Audit To-Do List.

If you need assistance and/ or have questions, please contact the Elections Funds Management team (email) or 800-252-8683 (tel.).

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