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Texas Border and Mexican Affairs

Executive Order 98-01

Texas State Seal



GWB 98-01

Relating to the Designation of the Texas Secretary of State as Chief Liaison to Mexico and the Border Region of Texas

WHEREAS, Texas and Mexico are linked by geography, sharing a 1200-mile border, the longest border between any American state and Mexico;

WHEREAS, Texas and Mexico are linked by history, with significant portions of the land now comprising Texas having once been governed by Mexico;

WHEREAS, Texas and Mexico are linked by family ties, with approximately one quarter of Texans being of Hispanic origin, most of whom are of Mexican descent;

WHEREAS, Texas and Mexico are linked by culture, with many Texans speaking Spanish, enjoying Mexican food and art, and celebrating Mexican holidays like Dies y Seis and Cinco de Mayo;

WHEREAS, Texas and Mexico are linked economically, with Mexico being Texas' principal trading partner and with Texas accounting for nearly half of all American trade with Mexico; and

WHEREAS for the foregoing reasons, Texas greatly values its relationship with Mexico and regards a friendly and cooperative relationship with Mexico as being of immense importance to Texas.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, Governor of the State of Texas, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of this state, do hereby designate the Texas Secretary of State as

Chief Liaison to Mexico and the Border Region of Texas

and charge the Secretary with duties that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Represent the Governor and the State of Texas at meetings and other events with Mexican and border leaders, and with the appropriate federal and other officials.

Arrange and facilitate meetings and other engagements between the Governor and Mexican leaders and between the Governor and border leaders.

Attend events related to Mexico and the border as appropriate or as requested.

Travel to Mexico to promote goodwill, tourism, trade, investment and other kinds of economic development as appropriate or as requested.

Otherwise to promote good relations between Texas and Mexico, and to resolve problems or explore opportunities relative to Texas and Mexico.

Any other activities incident to the foregoing or otherwise related thereto as appropriate or as requested.

George W. Bush Signature

Former Secretary of State Alberto R. Gonzalez's signature