Part XIII. Texas Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Chapter 241. Nursing Facility Administrators

22 TAC 241

(Editor's Note: In order to comply with Senate Bill 84, Act of May 28, 1997, Senate Bill 84, 1.04, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, which transfers all functions, obligations, rights, contracts, records, and rules from the Texas Board of Nursing Facility Administrators, Title 22, Part XIII, Chapter 241, Nursing Facility Administrators to the Texas Department of Human Services, Title 40, Part I, Chapter 18, Nursing Facility Administrators. The transfer is effective September 1, 1997.

The Texas Register is administratively transferring the following rules listed in the conversion chart published in this issue under the Tables and graphics section. The table lists the old rule numbers and the new rule numbers that correspond to them.)

Figure: 40 TAC Chapter 18