Proposed Rule Reviews

Texas Department of Agriculture

Title 4, Part 1

The Texas Department of Agriculture (the Department) files this notice of intent to review the rules in Texas Administrative Code, Title 4, Part 1, Chapter 29, Economic Development, Subchapters A, D, and E. Subchapter A, Economic Development Program, is comprised of §29.1 (Maintenance of Economic Development Program), §29.2 (Administration of the Program), and §29.3 (Staffing; Cooperation with Other Agencies). Subchapter D, Texas Rural Investment Fund Program, is comprised of §29.60 (Authority), §29.61 (Purpose), §29.62 (Definitions), §29.63 (Financial Assistance Available Under the Program), §29.64 (Administration), §29.65 (Evaluation of Projects), and §29.66 (Request for Proposals). Subchapter E, Rural Economic Development and Investment Program, is comprised of §29.70 (Authority), §29.71 (Purpose), §29.72 (Definitions), §29.73 (Eligible Entity), §29.74 (Financial Assistance Available Under the Program), §29.75 (Methods of Providing Financial Assistance), §29.76 (Segregation of Funds by Eligible Entity), and §29.77 (Request for Proposals).

This review is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of Texas Government Code §2001.039 (Agency Review of Existing Rules).

The Department will consider whether the initial factual, legal, and policy reasons for adopting each rule continue to exist and whether these rules should be repealed, readopted, or readopted with amendments.

Written comments pertaining to this rule review may be submitted by mail to Karen Reichek, Administrator for Trade & Business Development, at Texas Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 12847, Austin, Texas 78711-2847 or by email at The deadline for comments is 30 days after publication of this notice in the Texas Register.


Skyler Shafer

Assistant General Counsel

Texas Department of Agriculture

Filed: September 7, 2022

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

Title 37, Part 7

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) submits this rule review plan in accordance with Government Code § 2001.039.

For administrative continuity and public convenience, TCOLE shall, when practicable, review all rules within a chapter during the chapter's assigned review period regardless of varying effective dates within the chapter.

Actions to amend, repeal, or adopt rules may begin independently of this schedule if required by legislative action, court decision, or other causes. TCOLE reserves the right to review a chapter as part of its routine rulemaking before or after its scheduled review date when deemed appropriate.

Fiscal Year 2022, September 2021

Chapter 211 Administration

Chapter 215 Training and Educational Providers

Chapter 217 Enrollment, Licensing, Appointment, and Separation

Chapter 218 Continuing Education

Chapter 219 Prelicensing, Reactivation, Tests, and Endorsements

Chapter 221 Proficiency Certificates

Chapter 223 Enforcement

Chapter 225 Specialized Licenses

Chapter 227 School Marshals

Chapter 229 Texas Peace Officers' Memorial

Fiscal Year 2024, September 2023

Chapters 211-29

Fiscal Year 2026, September 2025

Chapters 211-29

Fiscal Year 2028, September 2027

Chapters 211-29

Written comments may be submitted electronically to or to Mr. Kim Vickers, Executive Director, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, 6330 U.S. 290 East, Austin, Texas 78723


John Beauchamp

General Counsel & Interim Executive Director

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

Filed: September 1, 2022