Adopted Rule Reviews

Credit Union Department

Title 7, Part 6

Chapter 91. Chartering, Operations, Mergers, Liquidations

Subchapter D. Powers of Credit Unions

Subchapter M. Electronic Operations

Subchapter N. Emergency or Permanent Closing of Office or Operation

The Credit Union Commission (Commission) has completed its review of Chapter 91, Subchapters D (relating to Powers of Credit Unions), Subchapter M (relating to Electronic Operations), and Subchapter N (relating to Closing of Office or Operation) of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 7, Part 6, consisting of §§91.401 - 91.408, 91.4001, 91.4002, 91.5001, 91.5002, and 91.5005. The Commission readopts these rules.

The rules were reviewed as a result of the Department's general rule review under Texas Government Code §2001.039.

Notice of the review of 7 TAC, Part 6, Chapter 91, Subchapters D, M, and N was published in the Texas Register as required on August 25, 2017 (42 TexReg 4313). The Department received no comments on the notice of intention to review.

As a result of its internal review, the Commission has determined that certain revisions are appropriate and necessary. The Commission is concurrently proposing amendments to Chapter 91 Subchapters M and N as published elsewhere in this issue of the Texas Register. Subject to the concurrently proposed amendments to Chapter 91, Subchapters M and N, the Commission finds that the reasons for initially adopting these rules continue to exist, and readopts Chapter 91, Subchapter D, M, and N in accordance with the requirements of Texas Government Code, §2001.039. This concludes the review of 7 TAC, Part 6, Chapter 91, Subchapters D, M, and N.


Harold E. Feeney


Credit Union Department

Filed: November 3, 2017