Requests for Opinions



The Honorable Mark A. Gonzalez

Nueces County District Attorney

901 Leopard, Room 206

Corpus Christi, Texas 78401-3681

Re: Whether an employee of a district attorney's office is eligible to execute and serve a subpoena under article 24.01(b)(2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure if the employee is not, at the time of issuance, involved in the proceeding for which the appearance is sought (RQ-0207-KP)

Briefs requested by February 26, 2018



The Honorable Vince Ryan

Harris County Attorney

1019 Congress, 19th Floor

Houston, Texas 77002

Re: Whether the Harris County Department of Education may establish a relief fund to provide grant funding to independent school districts located in Harris County impacted by Hurricane Harvey (RQ-0208-KP)

Briefs requested by February 26, 2018



The Honorable Geanie W. Morrison

Chair, Committee on Transportation

Texas House of Representatives

Post Office Box 2910

Austin, Texas 78768-2910

Re: Whether a gambling establishment that charges a membership or entrance fee but does not take a percentage of the value gambled violates the gambling provisions of the Penal Code (RQ-0209-KP)

Briefs requested by March 1, 2018

For further information, please access the website at or call the Opinion Committee at (512) 463-2110.


Amanda Crawford

General Counsel

Office of the Attorney General

Filed: January 30, 2018