Requests for Opinions



The Honorable James White

Chair, House Committee on Corrections

Texas House of Representatives

Post Office Box 2910

Austin, Texas 78768-2910

Re: Whether subsection 38.001(f) of the Education Code and title 25, section 97.62 of the Administrative Code allow school districts, during an epidemic, to exclude students who decline vaccinations for reasons of conscience even when such vaccinations are unrelated to the epidemic (RQ-0364-KP)

Briefs requested by August 19, 2020



Mr. Brian K. Guthrie

Executive Director

Teacher Retirement System of Texas

1000 Red River Street

Austin, Texas 78701-2698

Re: Application of section 552.143 of the Government Code to investment information published in a media source of general circulation (RQ-0365-KP)

Briefs requested by August 20, 2020

For further information, please access the website at or call the Opinion Committee at (512) 463-2110.


Lesley French

General Counsel

Office of the Attorney General

Filed: July 28, 2020