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TEAM Version Release for MOVE Act Compliance and Summary of New Functionality

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To: County Officials
From: Ann McGeehan, Director of Elections
Date: September 1, 2010
RE: TEAM Version Release for MOVE Act Compliance and Summary of New Functionality

As we announced last month, this weekend, the Office of the Secretary of State will be deploying a new TEAM version release, which will contain new functionality to implement the federal Military Overseas Voters Empowerment Act (the “MOVE Act”).  The MOVE Act requires changes to the way military and overseas voters may register and vote in federal elections.  Our office has made modifications to the TEAM application for those counties using TEAM directly as an online county, as well as the import process utilized by the offline counties, to ensure compliance with the MOVE Act.  Please remember, if your county submits either the voter import or voting history imports, the new formats will be the only acceptable form of transmission once we deploy the new version of TEAM.  If the old format of either of these file layouts is submitted after September 7, 2010 they will be rejected due to improper format.

The Secretary of State’s Office will be deploying the new TEAM version for MOVE Act compliance over the extended Labor Day weekend. Listed below is a schedule of the deployment:

The TEAM Help Desk 1-866 745-2703 will be available from Tuesday, September 7th through Tuesday, September 14th. This allows counties direct access to a member of the Voter Registration staff for TEAM related calls.  Only when all lines are busy will the call be routed to a receptionist.

This memorandum will also provide a summary of the new functionality and reports offered in the new version release:

Summary of New Functionality

Direct access to the TEAM application can be used to enter FPCA voters.  TEAM offers several additional processes:

  1. FPCA voters (SC90) can be linked to their corresponding permanent registration record (SC91).
  2. FPCA voters (SC90) will receive a separate VUID number from the corresponding permanent voter record (SC91) for tracking ease.
  3. State will automatically mark the FPCA voter (SC91) as temporarily exempt from jury duty; expiration corresponds with FPCA expiration date.
  4. State will automatically purge FPCA voters (SC90) on anniversary of expiration date.
  5. Various statistical reports available on FPCA voters.
  6. Ability to view a side by side record display of a potential weak match between two FPCA voters, highlighting all common data fields.
  7. Ability to create all correspondence to the FPCA voter; confirmation and defective notices can be generated.
  8. When FPCA voter (SC90) is entered through TEAM, it transmits an electronic copy to the Voter Registrar that is deposited in the Task Summary window that will auto populate the Voter Application, ready for review and acceptance.
  9. FPCA voters (SC90) will be compared to other FPCA voters across the state to identify strong match duplicates.
  10. TEAM has built-in logic, to only create the corresponding permanent voter registration application for those qualifying FPCA applications. For any FPCA application with a registration date prior to September 1, 2009, if the applicant listed the affirmation reason of “US Citizen indefinitely residing outside the United States,” TEAM will not create the corresponding voter registration record.

We have also applied a substantial enhancement to the absentee tracking process within TEAM; the act of recording the absentee ballot as being “sent” from the Absentee Ballot Sent window is no longer necessary.  Once you enter your FPCA applications through the FPCA Application Data Entry window you would do the following:

This process marks the FPCA (SC90) record with the following statuses:

You then only have to go to the appropriate window to mark the ballot as received and any other future ballot status such as cancelled, accepted or rejected.  

The same process applies for a voter requesting a ballot by mail; you would first need to record the voter as requesting the ballot through the Absentee Ballot Request window then run the Mass Updates process selecting the option to “Print Envelopes for Absentee Ballot Request”. You can then skip the Absentee Ballot Sent process and go directly to the Absentee Ballot Received window. 

New Reports:

  1. List of FPCA Voters - The List of FPCA Voters enables a county to obtain a list of only FPCA voters/SC90.  This will represent only those FPCA applications entered since September of 2009 with a source code 90.
  2. List of Registered FPCA Voters Noted - The List of Registered FPCA Voters Noted report allows the county to order a list of all voters in the county but “note” those voters who registered with a SC91 FPCA form.
  3. List of FPCA Voters with No Party Affiliation – This report will provide a list of FPCA (SC90) records that did not provide a party affiliation on their FPCA application.
  4. Supplemental Official Voting List – The Official Voting list now offers the option to order a supplemental report by inserting the date after the last Official Voting List was ordered for a particular election.  For example; if you order your official voting list originally on October 1, 2010 then enter 25 additional voters; to obtain a supplemental report of just the 25 added voters, you would insert a date of October 2, 2010 when ordering the report.

Enhanced Reports:

  1. The List of Cancelled Voters Report now displays the reason for the cancellation.
  2. The Jury Summons Letter will now print the phone number to call if the jury has been cancelled—if the county inserts the information on the Manage Courts window.
  3. The Voter Registration Certificate will now print a foreign country on the mailing address side.
  4. The List of Voters on a Particular Street will now extract properly—based on a street range.
  5. The Suspense Voters with Changes Applied is now working again.
  6. The Absentee Ballot Sent Report now details the ballot mail method indicated for an FPCA (SC90) record.
  7. The Ballot Style Report now completes in an acceptable amount of time and produces accurate information.
  8. The Official Voting List Report will now reflect “AM” to indicate when a voter has been mailed an absentee ballot.
  9. The Official Voting List Report will now automatically suppress the address information for any voter marked with the judge suppression option.
  10. The Voters Who Voted in Election Report now offers the capability to print both the “early” and “Election Day” voting history on the same report.
  11. The Voters Who Voted in Election Report will now display the ballot style number for the voter. We have also included the ballot status of “AM” for absentee ballot mailed to reflect on the report.

All applicable reports that are available to the public will now have the option to suppress certain information for those persons who have qualified to have information suppressed through either the Peace Officer confidentiality or the suppression of the address information for a federal or state Judge.

All updates to a military or overseas voter’s ballot status should be filed within 72 hours of the actual ballot status change, regardless of the submission method used by the county.  Please remember, if your county does not use TEAM and elects to use the spreadsheet format, this method requires a complete cumulative file submission each time, representing the most recent ballot status—no partial or “update” can be submitted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Voter Registration staff at (800) 252-2216.