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Changes to Voter Import and Voting History File Layouts

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To: County Officials and Vendors
From: Ann McGeehan, Director of Elections
Date: June 21, 2010
RE: Changes to Voter Import and Voting History File Layouts

In compliance with the MOVE Act, changes have been made to the Voter Import and Voting History Import files in order to make secure the FPCA (SC90) and corresponding ballot status.  Further, in following the MOVE Act requirement to create a method by which military and overseas voters can track the status of their ballots, it is our intent to build a ‘central website’ for this purpose.

The following fields have been added to the Voter Import for submission of the FPCA record:

Voter Import Additions

Independent of the new fields added to support the FPCA logic, we have added a new field, Bypass Check, located in field 4688.  The Bypass Check field value is either a 1=True or a 0= false.  The purpose of this field is in the instance where a voter record has previously failed the live check verification process, the county followed protocol by sending the notice of incomplete, and the applicant responded with ‘no change.’  A value of 1 would allow for the submission of the record with the identification number intact, skipping the live check process, but noting the voter with an ID indicator on the official voting list.  A value of 0 indicates the voter should not skip the live check process. 

Field 1440 on the Voter Import was previously reserved for only the transmission of the trace number assigned through a Texas Online change.  The field description has now been changed to be “ID Tracking” and serves multiple purposes.  Any new source code 64 record or a voter initiated change code of 12 on a source code 64 submitted to the state should have the corresponding DPS tracking ID sent to the county on the Voter Export.  The counties may also use this field on any source code other than a source code 64 to track their record submissions.  The same tracking ID number submitted on the voter import will be sent back on the voter export.

A new event type 8 for field 30 has been added to the Appendix and describes those records that have been rejected due to incompleteness or eligibility reasons. All rejected voter registration applications, regardless of the source code, should be submitted.  However, if a DPS, source code 64, record is submitted, the DPS XML ID number will be required.  The DPS records rejected due to out of county continues to have the same process as implemented in 2009.

Voting History Import Additions/Changes

The Secretary of State’s Office has prioritized this functionality to be implemented in the next TEAM version release scheduled later this summer.  We understand the work required at the local level to comply with these changes, and in order to best facilitate the requirements, we are scheduling a conference call to include all offline counties, vendors and any online county that may use the voting history or voter import for any purpose.  A separate announcement will come within the next week regarding the specifics of the conference call.  Our current deployment schedule indicates that all changes to the Voter Import and Voting History files will have to be implemented no later than September 7, 2010.  If after this date a Voter Import or Voting History file is submitted without the changes, it will be rejected due to improper format.

As we all look forward to these changes and the development of the central tracking system, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.  Karen Richards will be available to take your calls at (800) 252-2216.

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