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Statewide Communications

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Note: These communications chronicle the evolution of the TEAM System, and are primarily directed toward county users of the new system. Meetings referenced here are working meetings for invited participants only; they are generally not open to the public.

The general public may preview the TEAM System during development with the rest of the county representatives at our various public seminars throughout the project where we plan to feature it, and demonstrate the latest version. Information regarding the public seminars may be found in the Seminar Information box on the Election Division’s web page. In addition, a member of the public may always contact the Elections Division directly to discuss TEAM development or to arrange a meeting with TEAM staff.

Note: Free software such as Microsoft® Word Viewer or Adobe® Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher may be required in order to view the Word and PDF files included in this section.

Memoranda From the TEAM Grapevine


ON = Online Counties
OFF = Offline Counties
BOTH = Pertain to both Online and Offline Counties

2010 Memorandums
  ON 2010-01-14 New TEAM Release
  BOTH 2010-06-14 Complying with the MOVE Act
2010-06-21 Changes to the Voter Import History
  BOTH 2010-08-09 Spreadsheet Submission for MOVE Act Compliance
  BOTH 2010-08-12 TEAM Deployment of New Version
  BOTH 2010-09-01 TEAM Version Release for MOVE Act Compliance and Summary of New Functionality

2010 Seminar Presentations
  BOTH 2010-08-27 Jury Wheel Issues