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Help for Online Voter Central Website

Question: I clicked the “Next” button and nothing happened? What do I do?

Answer: Cookies must be enabled in order for your data to be displayed. “Cookies” are small files that this application and other web sites store on your computer, allowing sites to “remember” your preferences. Furthermore, these “cookies” allow for the use of certain features on this website such as finding out whether you are registered or not and locating your polling place during a particular election.

If you use a pop-up blocker, you may want to temporarily allow pop-ups while on this website. This ensures all information is displayed and all interactive features related to this website are working properly.

Procedures for managing cookies are specific to each Web browser. However, instructions for enabling cookies on two of the more common browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox are featured below for your review. Please keep in mind that procedures and even language may differ slightly depending on your browser version.

Procedures for Internet Explorer:

  1. Select the “Tools” category featured on the browser tool bar, choose “Internet Options”, then click on the “Privacy” tab and make sure that a setting to allow cookies is selected.  Typically a “High” or customized setting will cause issues.

Internet Explorer Options screen shot

  1. Verify that our website (https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/Introduction.jsp) is not listed as a restricted site under the “Security” tab.  If so, please remove it.  In some cases you may need to add our website as a trusted site under the same “Security” tab (see below).  This is recommended if you continue to experience problems after having set your browser to accept cookies. This issue is typically attributed to having customized security settings.

Internet Explorer Trusted sites screen shot

Procedures for Firefox:

  1. Select the “Tools” category featured on the browser menu bar, choose “Options”, then the “Privacy” tab, finally make sure that "Accept cookies from sites" is enabled.

Firefox Tools Options screen shot

  1. Verify that our site (https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/Introduction.jsp) is not listed as a blocked website under the “Exceptions” option.  If it is listed as a blocked website, you will need to remove it.  In some cases you may need to add our site as a trusted website under the same “Exceptions” option (see below).  This is recommended if you continue to experience problems after having set your browser to accept cookies. Typically, this is an issue related to customized security settings.

Firefox Exceptions - Cookies screen shot

Note: Other browsers may differ slightly in regards to security/privacy settings but the solutions described above should be applicable. Furthermore, to protect your privacy, select the "End Session" link located at the top of the page so as to clear your private data on this webiste. It is also recommended that you either close or exit the browser page as well.

Question: Do I need any specialized software to use this website?

Answer:  The only software you may need aside from the browser you are using is a free version of  Adobe® Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher in order  to view the PDF documents available on this website.

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Question: What if I am still having trouble with this website?

Answer: If you are still experiencing difficulties after performing the recommended solutions described above, please feel free to contact our Elections division by email or telephone at: 1.800.252.VOTE (8683).