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Nominee of New Party or Party or Nominee of a Party Without Ballot Access in 2016

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If you are a member of a new party or if your party's candidates for statewide office in the last general election received less than five percent of the vote, your party must qualify for ballot access. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. §§ 181.0041, 181.005. Your party must register (PDF) with the Secretary of State's Office by January 2, 2016 (extended to Monday, January 4, 2016), and needs the support of 47,183 qualified voters. If you hope to become the nominee of a new party for a particular office, you must file an application for nomination (PDF) with the county or state party chair, as appropriate (see chart). The application must be filed no later than 6:00 p.m., December 14, 2015. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 181.033. If you receive a majority of the votes cast at the county, district, or state convention, as appropriate, your name will appear on the general election ballot in November 2016 if your party has obtained ballot access. Note: The Libertarian and Green parties in Texas have already qualified for ballot access. Information on their filing process is located on this website.

More information on establishing a political party and qualifying for ballot access is located on this website.

Nominee of New Party or Party without Ballot Access
Public Office Sought in 2016 File Application with Party Chair  
  State County
United States Representative x -
Railroad Commissioner x -
Justice, Supreme Court x -

Presiding Judge or Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

x -
State Senator x -
State Representative x -
Member, State Board of Education x -
Chief Justice and Justice, Court of Appeals x -
District Judge x -
Criminal District Judge x -
District Attorney x -
Judge, County Court-at-Law - x
Judge, County Criminal Court - x
Judge, County Probate Court - x

County Attorney

- x
Sheriff - x
Tax Assessor-Collector - x
County Commissioner - x
Constable - x

Justice of the Peace (Place 1)

- x
Source: Texas Election Code Section §§ 181.032; 182.0041