Texas Workforce Investment Council
Rule Review Plan

Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, Texas Government Code ยง2001.039, Agency Review of Existing Rules, the Texas Workforce Investment Council (Council) proposes the following plan to review all Council rules and to determine whether the reasons for adopting the rules still exist.

The schedule contained in this Rule Review Plan will be used for reviewing Council rules in Title 40, Part 22 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Chapter: Chapter 901, Designation and Redesignation of Local Workforce Development Areas

Begin Review: March 2012

The comment period will last for 30 days, beginning with the publication of the notice of intention to review. All comments and/or questions should be directed to Lee Rector, Director, Texas Workforce Investment Council, Post Office Box 2241, Austin, Texas 78768 or by email twic@governor.state.tx.us.