School Land Board
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with ยง2001.039, Government Code, the School Land Board submits the following plan for ongoing review of its rules. This plan replaces the General Land Office's revised plan filed on October 6, 2004, and published in the October 15, 2004, issue of the Texas Register (29 TexReg 9697).

For the following chapters of Title 31, Part 4, the agency's review will begin in April 2010 and will conclude by April 2011.

Chapter 151. Operations of the School Land Board
Chapter 154. Land Sales, Acquisitions, and Trades
Chapter 155. Land Resources

Thereafter, the agency will initiate a new review of each chapter in this plan no later than the fourth anniversary of the date the chapter was readopted under the preceding rule review cycle. As a result of its review, the agency will readopt, readopt with amendments, or repeal rules following its assessment of whether the reasons for initially adopting the rules continue to exist.