Comptroller of Public Accounts
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with Government Code, §2001.039, the Comptroller of Public Accounts submits the following plan for review of its rules in Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Part 1.

The following schedule will be adhered to as closely as possible for reviewing all of the comptroller’s rules. For administrative continuity and public convenience, the comptroller plans to review all rules within a chapter during the chapter’s assigned review periods regardless of varying effective dates within the chapter.

Actions to amend, repeal or adopt rules may be filed independently of this schedule if required by legislative action, court decision, or other causes. In those instances, full opportunity for suggestions will be offered, and any public comments will be considered.

Beginning September 2007:

Chapter 1. Central Administration
Chapter 5. Funds Management (Fiscal Affairs)
Chapter 6. Investment Management

Beginning September 2008:

Chapter 3. Tax Administration

Beginning September 2009:

Chapter 7. Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Program
Chapter 9. Property Tax Administration
Chapter 13. Unclaimed Property Reporting and Compliance
Chapter 15. Electronic Transfer of Certain Payments to State Agencies
Chapter 16. Electronic Transfer of Payments to the Texas State Treasury Department

Beginning September 2010:

Chapter 17. Payment of Fees, Taxes, and Other Charges to State Agencies by Credit, Charge, and Debit Cards
Chapter 18. Tobacco Settlement Permanent Trust Account
Chapter 19. Sate Energy Conservation Office
Chapter 20. State Procurement and Support Services Office