Employees Retirement System of Texas
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with Texas Government Code §2001.039, the Employees Retirement System of Texas (“ERS”) submits the following updated agency Rule Review Plan.

The schedule below will be used for reviewing all of ERS’ rules in Title 34 of the Texas Administrative Code. However, if necessary, ERS may review a chapter before its scheduled review date as part of routine rulemaking.

Chapter Review Date
Chapter 69 (Membership and Refunds) Review by 3/18/2008
Chapter 73 (Benefits) Review by 3/18/2008
Chapter 75 (Hazardous Profession Death Benefits) Review by 3/18/2008
Chapter 77 (Judicial Retirement) Review by 3/18/2008
Chapter 71 (Creditable Service) Review by 6/9/2008
Chapter 79 (Social Security) Review by 8/25/2008
Chapter 74 (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) Review by 6/16/2009
Chapter 81 (Insurance) Review by 6/16/2009
Chapter 82 (Health Services in State Office Complexes) Review by 3/30/2010
Chapter 61 (Terms and Phrases) Review by 2/28/2011
Chapter 63 (Board of Trustees) Review by 2/28/2011
Chapter 65 (Executive Director) Review by 2/28/2011
Chapter 87 (Deferred Compensation) Review by 2/28/2011
Chapter 67 (Hearings on Disputed Claims) Review by 2/28/2011
Chapter 85 (Flexible Benefits) Review by 2/28/2011