Texas Structural Pest Control Board
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with Texas Government Code, §2001.039, agencies are required to review their rules every four years. Identified below is the schedule for reviewing rules for the period February 2004 through August 2005. This schedule may be adjusted with approval of the Texas Structural Pest Control Board. While this schedule lays out the revision process over an extended period of time, efforts will be made to complete the process in a rational and timely manner, allowing adequate time for network input.

The Board invites interested representatives to participate in a negotiated rule review process.

22 TAC Chapter 591, General Provisions

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, May 2004

This chapter includes:

§591.1. Purpose of the Board.
§591.2. Rule Making.
§591.3. Suspension of Rules.
§591.4. Board Office.
§591.5. Board Meetings.
§591.6. Board Seal.
§591.7. Board Records.
§591.8. Board Acceptance of Documents.
§591.9. Board Administrative Hearings.
§591.10. Administrative Penalties.
§591.11. Determination of Administrative Penalties.
§591.12. Settlements.
§591.13. Public Comment.
§591.21. Definitions of Terms.
§591.23. Historically Underutilized Businesses.

22 TAC Chapter 593, Licenses

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, August 2004

This chapter includes:

§593.1. Persons Required To Secure License.
§593.2. License Application.
§593.3. Insurance Requirement.
§593.4. Resident Agent.
§593.5. Examinations.
§593.6. License Expiration and Renewal.
§593.7. Fees.
§593.8. Loss of Certified Applicator or Business License Holder.
§593.9. Licensing of Persons with Criminal Backgrounds.
§593.10. Licensing of Persons with Delinquent Student Loans.
§593.11. Certified Noncommercial Applicator Restrictions.
§593.12. Right-of-way Certification.
§593.21. Commercial and NonCommercial Technician License Requirements.
§593.23. Continuing Education Requirements for Certified Applicators.
§593.24. Criteria and Evaluation of Continuing Education.

22 TAC Chapter 595, Compliance and Enforcement

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, November 2004

This chapter includes:

§595.1. License Display.
§595.2. Employee Registration.
§595.3. Employee Supervision.
§595.4. Pest Control Use Records.
§595.5. Contracts.
§595.6. Pest Control Sign.
§595.7. Consumer Information Sheet.
§595.8. Responsibilities of Unlicensed Persons for Posting and Notification.
§595.10. Inspections.
§595.11. Schools.
§595.12. Misapplications.
§595.13. Advertising.
§595.14. Reduced Impact Pest Control Service.
§595.15. Incidental Use Situation Fact Sheet.
§595.17. Incidental Use For Schools.
§595.21. Entry and Access.
§595.22. Investigation of Complaints.
§595.23. Investigation Reports.

22 TAC Chapter 597, Unlawful Acts and Grounds for Revocation

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, February 2005

This chapter includes:

§597.1. Grounds for Revocation, Suspension, Penalties, Reprimanding, Refusal To Examine, Refusal To Issue or Renew Licenses.
§597.2. Suspension or Revocation.
§597.3. Unlawful Acts.

22 TAC Chapter 599, Treatment Standards

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, May 2005

This chapter includes:

§599.1. Termite Control
§599.2. Subterranean Termite Post Construction Treatments.
§599.3. Subterranean Termite Pre-Construction Treatments.
§599.4. Termite Treatment Disclosure Documents.
§599.5. Inspection Procedures.
§599.6. Real Estate Transaction Inspection Reports.
§599.7. Posting Notice of Inspection or Treatment.
§599.11. Structural Fumigation Requirements.