Board of Nurse Examiners
Rule Review Plan

Pursuant to the Texas Government Code §2001.039 (Administrative Procedure Act), this agency files the following rule review plan.

Chapter 211. General Provisions--March 2006

Chapter 213. Practice and Procedure--August 2006

Chapter 215. Nurse Education--August 2007

Chapter 216. Continuing Education--September 2007

Chapter 217. Licensure, Peer Assistance and Practice--July 2007

Chapter 219. Advanced Nurse Practitioner Program--September 2005

Chapter 220. Nurse Licensure Compact--October 2003

Chapter 221. Advanced Practice Nurses--February 2005

Chapter 222. Advanced Practice Nurses with Limited Prescriptive Authority--October 2007

Chapter 223. Fees--October 2003

Chapter 224. Delegation of Nursing Tasks by Registered Professional Nurses to Unlicensed Personnel for Clients with Acute Conditions or in Acute Care Environments--February 2007

Chapter 225. RN Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel and Tasks Not Requiring Delegation in Independent Living Environments for Clients with Stable and Predictable Conditions--February 2007