Texas Department on Aging
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with Texas Government Code, §2001.039 (formerly House Bill 1, 1997 Appropriations Act rider), agencies are required to review their rules every four years. Identified below is the schedule for reviewing rules for the period May 2004 through November 2006. This schedule may be adjusted with approval of the Texas Board on Aging. While this schedule lays out the revision process over an extended period of time, efforts will be made to complete the process in a rational and timely manner, allowing adequate time for network input.

The Department will invite representatives from area agencies on aging and service providers to participate in a negotiated rule review process. In an effort to eliminate duplication and establish consistency in standards, the Department will continue to work with the Texas Department of Human Services to review and revise rules for services that are common to both agencies.

40 TAC Chapter 270

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, May 2004

This chapter includes:

§270.1. General Service Requirements.
§270.2. Service Definitions.
§270.3. Transportation Service Requirements for the Elderly.
§270.5. Nutrition Service Requirements.
§270.6. Participant Assessment.
§270.7. Homemaker Service Requirements.
§270.8. Data Management.
§270.9. Personal Assistance Service Requirements.
§270.11. Health Promotion Requirements.
§270.13. Adult Day Care Service Requirements.
§270.15. Emergency Response Service Standards.
§270.17. In Home Service Requirements for Frail Older Adults.
§270.19. Residential Repair Services.
§270.21. Senior Center Operations.
§270.23. Respite Voucher Program.

40 TAC Chapter 254

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, May 2005

This chapter includes:

§254.1. Operation of the Texas Department on Aging.
§254.3. Governing Documents.
§254.5. The Texas Board on Aging.
§254.7. Advisory Councils.
§254.9. Designation of Planning and Service Areas.
§254.11. Designation of Area Agencies on Aging.
§254.13. Compliance with Contractor Responsibilities, Rewards and Sanctions.
§254.15. Appeal Procedures for Area Agency on Aging Contractors.
§254.17. Appeal Procedures for Subcontractors, Vendors, and Service Provider Applicants.
§254.19. Grievance Procedures for Participants in Older Americans Act Programs.
§254.21. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedures for Participants in Older American Act Programs.
§254.22. Public Hearing Procedures for the Texas Department on Aging.
§254.23. Emergency Management Responsibilities of the Texas Department on Aging.
§254.24. Agency Training Plan.
§254.35. Historically Underutilized Business Program.

40 TAC Chapter 253 and Chapter 255

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, February 2006

Chapter 253 includes:

§253.3. Funding Allocation for Title III Programs and Area Agencies on Aging.

Chapter 255 includes:

§255.39. Funding Allocation Formula for Retired Senior Volunteer Program Projects.

40 TAC Chapter 260

Recommend for Publication in the Texas Register, November 2006

This chapter includes:

§260.1. Area Agency on Aging Administrative Responsibilities.
§260.2. Area Agency on Aging Fiscal Responsibilities.
§260.3. System of Access and Assistance.
§260.4. Certification of Benefits Counselors Regarding the Preparation of Advance Directives.
§260.11. Ombudsman Services.
§260.15. Criteria for Administering Carryover of Unexpended Funds.
§260.17. Approval of Direct Services Applications from Area Agencies on Aging.
§260.19. Direct Purchase of Service (DPS).