Texas Commission on Fire Protection

Rule Review Plan

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection (the commission) submits this rule review plan in accordance with Government Code, §2001.039, added by Acts 1999, 76th Legislature, Chapter 1499, Article I, §1.11. This plan is for fiscal year 2001 and subsequent years and includes chapters not previously reviewed under the agency rule review plan filed on July 8, 1998, pursuant to Acts 1997, 75th Legislature, Chapter 1452, §167.

Notices of intention to review will be submitted for publication in the Texas Register. The public may comment at any point in the process until the review is adopted. Reviews will be adopted no earlier than 30 days after the notice of intent to review is published. All comments should be directed to Gary L. Warren Sr., Executive Director.

For administrative continuity and public convenience, the commission shall, when practicable, review all rules within a chapter during the chapter's assigned review period regardless of varying effective dates within the chapter. Actions to amend, repeal, or adopt rules may begin independently of this schedule if required by legislative action, court decision, or other causes.

The commission reserves the right to review a chapter as part of its routine rulemaking before or after its scheduled review date when deemed appropriate. However, the review of rules that were in effect as of September 1, 1999, will be concluded no later than August 31, 2003, in accordance with statute.

Review of the following rules will be initiated during the indicated fiscal years:

Fiscal Year 2001:

Chapter 453, Minimum Standards for Hazardous Materials Technician.

Fiscal Year 2002:

Chapter 421, Standards for Certification.

Chapter 423, Fire Suppression.

Chapter 425, Fire Instructors.

Chapter 427, Certified Training Facilities.

Chapter 429, Minimum Standards for Fire Inspectors.

Chapter 431, Fire Investigation.

Chapter 435, Fire Fighter Safety.

Chapter 437, Fees.

Chapter 439, Examinations for Certification.

Chapter 441, Continuing Education.

Chapter 443, Certification for Curriculum Manual.

Chapter 445, Administrative Inspections and Penalties.

Chapter 447, Part-Time Fire Protection Employee.

Chapter 449, Head of a Fire Department.

Chapter 461, Committee Members.

Chapter 463, Application Process.

Chapter 465, Equipment Standards.

Chapter 491, Voluntary Regulation of State Agencies and State Agency Employees.

Chapter 493, Voluntary Regulation of Federal Agencies and Federal Agency Employees.

Chapter 495, Regulation of Nongovernmental Departments.

Fiscal Year 2003:

Chapter 403, Criminal Convictions and Eligibility for Certification.

Chapter 433, Driver/Operator-Pumper.

Fiscal Year 2004:

Chapter 401, Practice and Procedure. (effective March 8, 2001)

Chapter 451, Fire Officer. (effective February 1, 2001)

All questions should be directed to the commission's Texas Register Liaison, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, P.O. Box 2286, Austin, Texas 78768-2286.