Public Utility Commission of Texas

Revised Rule Review Plan for Fiscal Years 2000 - 2003

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (commission) revises the following plan for the review of all commission rules pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, Texas Government Code §2001.039, Agency Review of Existing Rules. Senate Bill 178 (SB 178), Sections 1.11(b) and (c) of Acts 1999, 76th Legislature, chapter 1499 provides that all agency rules not reviewed under the General Appropriations Act of 1997, Article IX, Section 167 (§167) be reviewed by the agency under APA §2001.039 no later than August 31, 2003, and every four years thereafter. SB 178 provides that for purposes of subsequent reviews under §2001.039, and for those rules initially reviewed under §167, the effective date of an existing rule already reviewed is considered to be the date on which the agency began the initial review by publishing notice of the review in the Texas Register.

The commission's existing rules may be found in 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 22, Procedural Rules, 16 TAC Chapter 24, Policy Statements, 16 TAC Chapter 25, Substantive Rules Applicable to Electric Service Providers, and 16 TAC Chapter 26, Substantive Rules Applicable to Telecommunications Service Providers. Chapter 22 was initially reviewed under §167, with notice of the review of the first sections in this chapter published in the Texas Register on February 27, 1998. New Chapters 25 and 26 were not reviewed under §167.

Every four years the commission will initiate a new project for the review of its rules and file a new schedule with the Secretary of State for publication in the Texas Register. The project initiated for review of the commission's rules for the fiscal years between September 1, 1999 and August 31, 2003 is Project Number 22067, Review of Agency Rules Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act §2001.039 for FY 2000-2003.

Schedule for Review of Commission Rules

Chapter: Date Agency to Begin Review

Chapter 22: September 1, 2000

Chapter 24: September 1, 2002

Chapter 25: September 1, 2001

Chapter 26: September 1, 2002