Texas Optometry Board

Rule Review Plan

Amendments to Government Code §2001.039 by §1.11 of Senate Bill 178, 76th Legislature, Regular Session, require state agencies to file a Rule Review Plan for all rules in effect on September 1, 1999, which had not previously been reviewed under the provisions of General Appropriations Act, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, Chapter 1452, Article IX, §167, 1995 Texas General Laws 6425.

All rules of the Texas Optometry Board in effect on September 1, 1999, were reviewed pursuant to the provisions of Article IX, §167, of the Appropriations Act, prior to September 1, 1999, as summarized in the notice appearing in the November 12, 1999, issue of the Texas Register (24 TexReg 10154).

Therefore the Board, having satisfied the provisions of Senate Bill 178 prior to August 31, 2000, did not file an additional review plan. The Board plans to begin review of the rules in Chapters 271-275 (Title 22, Texas Administrative Code) prior to or on November 27, 2002, and Chapters 277-280 prior to or on May 7, 2003, or within four years of the original proposal to review these chapters.