Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council

Rule Review Plan


The Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council establishes the following plan for the comprehensive review of all office rules pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, Texas Government Code §2001.039, Agency Review of Existing Rules.

Senate Bill §178 1.11(b) and (c) of Acts 1999, 76th Legislature, chapter 1499, provides that all agency rules not reviewed under the General Appropriations Act of 1997, Article IX, §167 shall be reviewed by the agency under APA §2001.039 no later than August 31, 2003, and every four years thereafter. As directed by the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance Committee, the effective date of an existing rule that has been previously reviewed is considered to be the date on which the agency completes the review of a chapter in the Texas Administrative Code and files notice of re-adoption of the chapter with the Texas Register.

Existing rules for the Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council are found in Title 13 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 4, Chapters 50 and 51.

Every four years the Council will initiate a new review of its rules. The review of chapters listed in this plan will determine whether reasons for the adoption of the rules continue to exist. Comments and questions about this review plan may be sent to Erica McKewen, C/O Texas State Library and Archives Commission, P.O. Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711,

The Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council will initiate a review of the following chapters during Fiscal Year 2001. The review of a chapter will be completed within six months of publication of notice in the Texas Register of the intention to review a chapter. The review of all chapters will be completed before July 1, 2001. Subsequent review will be conducted at least once every four years.