Texas Groundwater Protection Committee
Rule Review Plan

The Texas Groundwater Protection Committee submits the following plan for review of its rules in accordance with House Bill 1, 75th Legislature, 1997, Article IX, §167 and Chapter 2001, Government Code, §2001.039.

The Committee has completed the review and readoption of all regulations promulgated by the Committee (Title 31, Natural Resources and Conservation, Part 18, Chapter 601, Groundwater Contamination Report). This process was completed in September 1998.

The Committee will again review Chapter 601 of Title 31, within four years of completion of the previous review of that chapter. However, the Committee may review Chapter 601 as part of its routine rulemaking before its scheduled review date if it is necessary to propose amendments to the chapter. The timeline for review of Chapter 601 is as follows:

Chapter 601: Groundwater Contamination Report January 2002

Comments and questions may be directed to Mary Ambrose, Designated Chairman, Texas Groundwater Protection Committee, Policy and Regulations Division, MC 203, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas, 78711, or e-mail: mambrose@tnrcc.state.tx.us.