Texas Alternative Fuels Council

Rule Review Plan - Revised

In accordance with the General Appropriations Act, Article IX, §167, 75th Legislature, the Alternative Fuels Council (council) submitted an agency rule review plan on July 14, 1998. This plan was published in August 7, 1998, issue of the Texas Register (23 TexReg 8209). In accordance with Government Code, §2001.039, the purpose of this filing is to submit a revised rule review plan, which includes the review schedule for fiscal years 2001-2002 and subsequent years and reflects changes to the plan filed on July 14, 1998.

The council plans to conduct a comprehensive review and consideration for readoption of its rules according to the following schedule:

Fiscal Years 2001-2002--31 Texas Administrative Code, Part 19, Chapter 655, Subchapter A.

This schedule for review will be on a continual basis, rotating every four years. Notices of intention to review will be submitted for publication in the Texas Register, and comments will be sought from interested persons or groups. While the council plans to conduct a comprehensive review of all its rules every four years, the council may also review its rules as part of a routine rulemaking either before or after its scheduled review date when deemed appropriate. Actions to amend, repeal, or adopt rules also may begin independently of this schedule if required by legislative action, court decision, or other causes. In those instances, full opportunity for suggestions will be offered, and any comments will be fully considered.

All comments and questions should be directed to Dub Taylor, Manager, State Energy Conservation Office, 111 East 17th Street, Austin, Texas 78774.