State Securities Board

Rule Review Plan

In accordance with ยง2001.039 of the Government Code, the State Securities Board submits the following plan for the ongoing review of its rules. This plan supplements the plan filed on July 23, 1998, and published in the August 21, 1998 issue of the Texas Register (23 TexReg 8695).

Following completion of the review pursuant to the initial rule review plan, the Agency will conduct an ongoing review of its rules. Each chapter will be reviewed no later than the fourth anniversary of the date the chapter took effect or was readopted pursuant to the rule review process, whichever is later. As a result of its review, the Agency will readopt, readopt with amendments, or repeal rules, based upon an assessment of whether the reasons for initially adopting the rules continue to exist.

All comments and/or questions should be directed to David Weaver, General Counsel, State Securities Board, P.O. Box 13167, Austin, Texas, 78711-3167.