Texas Department of Banking

Rule Review Plan

The Texas Department of Banking (the "department") submits this Rule Review Plan for rules promulgated under the department's rule making authority. Most rules administered by the department are promulgated by the Finance Commission and are subject to a separate rule review plan. This is the initial review plan prepared pursuant to Government Code, §2001.039, effective September 1, 1999.

Section 2001.039 requires an agency to submit by August 31, 2000 a plan to review all rules in effect September 1, 1999, that have not been reviewed pursuant to §167, Article IX, Chapter 1452, Act of the 75th Legislature, Regular Session, 1997 (General Appropriations Act). Rules must be reviewed within every 4 years of their effective date, and within every subsequent four years. The effective date of a rule is the date it was originally adopted, or the date that notice of its review pursuant to §167 of the General Appropriations Act, or Government Code §2001.039, was published in the Texas Register.

All Comments and questions should be directed to Loren E. Svor, Assistant General Counsel, Texas Department of Banking, 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas, 78705-4294; fax to (512) 475-1313; or email lsvor@banking.state.tx.us.

Review of the following rules will be initiated not later than the indicated dates. Notice of each rule review will be published in the Texas Register .

December 31, 2000 - 7 TAC §26.1 (Perpetual care cemeteries); 7 TAC §§25.1-25.12 (Prepaid funeral plans).

March 31, 2001 - 7 TAC §§25.17-25.59 (Prepaid funeral plans)