Department of Information Resources

Rule Review Plan

The Department of Information Resources (department) submits this plan for review of agency rules pursuant to §2001.039, Government Code. These rules are located in Title 1, Part 10 of the Texas Administrative Code. Notices of intention to review each of the rules will be published in the Texas Register and comments will be accepted during the rule review period.

The department reserves the right to amend, repeal or adopt rules at times independent of this schedule if the department determines it is necessary to do so.

Comments and questions should be sent to Renee Mauzy, General Counsel, Department of Information Resources, 300 West 15th Street, Suite 1300, Austin, Texas 78701; faxed to (512) 475-4759; or e-mailed to

Review of the following rules will be initiated by the indicated date.

1 TAC §201.2, Complaints: August 31, 2001

1 TAC §201.5, Agency Planning: November 30, 2001

1 TAC §201.13(b), Information Security Standards: February 27, 2004

1 TAC §201.12, State Web Sites: November 30, 2003

1 TAC §201.14, Digital Signatures: November 30, 2001

1 TAC §201.18, Commodity Software: February 27, 2004