Texas Department on Aging

Rule Review Plan - Revised

In accordance with ยง2001.039, Government Code, the Texas Department on Aging is serving notice of its intent to review all rules of Title 40, Part 9 of the Texas Administrative Code effective September 1, 1999. This is a revision of the review plan previously submitted by the Department. Review of these rules is contingent on when these items can be placed on the agenda for a future meeting of the Texas Board on Aging. Therefore, a Rules Revision Schedule has been prepared to show the projected time a rule will be taken to the Texas Board on Aging for approval to publish for comment. It is expected these dates may shift backward or forward, but not more than two Board meetings. When feasible, these rules will be combined or reduced for simplification and clarity. In some instances, a rule may be expanded to further refine the directives and goals of the Department. During the review process, the Department may also determine that no changes to a rule as currently in effect are necessary or that a rule is no longer valid or necessary.

The Board invites suggestions from the public during the review process and will address any comments received. Any proposed changes to a rule as a result of the review will be published in the Proposed Rule section of the Texas Register and will be open for an additional 30-day public comment period prior to final adoption or repeal by the Board.

For questions or comments regarding the review process or to request a tentative schedule of review of the rules, contact Frank Pennington, Director of Program and Fiscal Accountability at P.O. Box 12786, Austin, Texas, 78711 or by telephone at (512) 424-6863.