Texas Food and Fibers Commission
Rule Review Plan

Section 167 of the Appropriations Act (Article IX) requires all state agencies to submit a rule review plan to the Texas Register by August 31, 1998. Chapter 42 of the Agricultural Code requires the Texas Food and Fibers Commission to promulgate certain rules related to commission and committee proceedings, policies and procedures for awarding contracts, and notification procedures for complaints. The commission has issued bylaws and procedures that address these statutory requirements but has not issued formal rules under the Administrative Procedures Act, (Chapter 2001, Government Code). In fiscal year 1999, the commission, in consultation with the Attorney General's office, will review its statute and bylaws and develop rules as necessary in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act. Chapters 151-161, Part VIII, of the Texas Administrative Code has been reserved for any future Texas Food and Fibers Commission rules.

All written comments and /or questions should be submitted to Robert V. Avant, Jr. P.E., Executive Director, Texas Food and Fibers Commission, 300 West 15th Street, Suite 407L, P.O. Box 12046, Austin, Texas 78711-2046 after September 1, 1998.