In compliance with section 167 of the General Appropriations Act (75th Legislature, Art. IX, 1997), the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners (board) files this plan to review rules effective prior to September l, 1997. The board plans, generally, to review its rules set forth at 22 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 781, Social Worker Licensure, to determine whether the reasons for adoption continue to exist, and whether revised rules would better serve those reasons.

Specifically, the board plans to solicit public input into the review process by filing a notice of intent to review with the Texas Register and notifying interested parties. The board plans to consider the public comments along with input from its staff and committees and to (i) delete those rules for which the reason for adoption no longer exists, (ii) readopt those rules for which the reasons for adoption still exist and which continue to effectively and efficiently serve those reasons, and (iii) revise those rules for which the reasons for adoption still exist but which can be amended to better serve those reasons. Deleted and revised rules will be submitted to the Texas Register in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and in the typical format, while readopted rules will simply be noted in the notice of readoption filed with the Texas Register without publication of the rule text. The board plans to complete this review by the end of 1998.