Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with House Bill No. 1, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, 1998-1999, Article IX, Section 167, the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners submits the following plan for review of its rules:

Chapter 161, General Provisions9/98-11/98
Chapter 166, Physician Registration9/98-11/98
Chapter 171, Institutional Permits9/98-11/98
Chapter 173, Applications9/98-11/98
Chapter 175, Schedule of Fees & Penalties9/98-11/98
Chapter 181, Contact Lens Prescriptions9/98-11/98
Chapter 189, Rule Changes9/98-11/98
Chapter 197, Emergency Medical Service9/98-11/98
Chapter 162, Supervision of Medical School Students12/98-2/99
Chapter 164, Advertising12/98-2/99
Chapter 169, Authority of Physicians to Supply Drugs12/98-2/99
Chapter 180, Rehabilitation Orders12/98-2/99
Chapter 188, Complaint Procedure Notification12/98-2/99
Chapter 191, District Review Committees12/98-2/99
Chapter 167, Reinstatement3/99-5/99
Chapter 168, Persons With Criminal Backgrounds3/99-5/99
Chapter 179, Investigation Files3/99-5/99
Chapter 187, Procedure3/99-5/99
Chapter 190, Disciplinary Guidelines3/99-5/99
Chapter 196, Voluntary Surrender of a Medical License3/99-5/99
Chapter 198, Unlicensed Practice3/99-5/99
Chapter 165, Medical Records6/99-8/99
Chapter 174, Telemedicine6/99-8/99
Chapter 177, Cert. of Non-Profit Health Organizations6/99-8/99
Chapter 183, Acupuncture6/99-8/99
Chapter 199, Public Information6/99-8/99
Chapter 163, Licensure9/99-11/99
Chapter 170, Auth. of Phy. to Prescribe/Treatment of Pain9/99-11/99
Chapter 185, Physician Assistants9/99-11/99
Chapter 186, Supervision of Physician Assistant Students9/99-11/99
Chapter 193, Standing Delegation Orders9/99-11/99
Chapter 194, Non-Certified Radiologic Technicians9/99-11/99