Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with House Bill 1, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, 1998-1999, Article IX, ยง167, the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission submits the following plan for the review of its rules.

For review in July 1999, the Board will review Chapter 341 (Texas Juvenile Probation Standards).

For review in September 1999, the Board will review Chapters 343 (Standards for Juvenile Detention Facilities) and 344 (Standards for Secure Post-Adjudication Juvenile Residential Facilities).

For review in November 1999, the Board will review Chapters 345 (Community Corrections Assistance Program) and 347 (Title IV-E Federal Foster Care Program).

All questions or comments regarding the agency's rule review process should be directed to Erika Sipiora, staff attorney, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, P.O. Box 13547, Austin, Texas 78711-3547. You may also telephone Erika Sipiora at 512/424-6739.